Strategic planning, regular revisions and implementation are the necessary preconditions for the development and the implementation of EU and other projects both in the public and in the private sector. Through the Situation and Potential Analysis and by using participative planning methods we define short, medium and long term objectives, priorities and measures/projects. By developing Action plans we optimize the implementation of strategic documents while at the same time monitoring and evaluating the outcomes through precisely defined indicators.Our team's professional help in this segment of our services can be summarized in 5 crucial points:

  1. Development of strategic plans with project pipelines and action plans for local authorities and local action groups,
  2. Development of multiannual budget plans aligned with strategic plans,
  3. Development of local resources and potentials networks for project implementation,
  4. Clusterization, creating consortiums and other cooperation models,
  5. Founding and running local EU funding and development offices.

Our well-rounded approach and client care are the reason we have been awarded the AAA solvency excellence certificate - a testament of years of systematic and quality work that puts the recipients of this award at the very top of national economy, right beside the companies from the EU since the same rigorous and proven criteria apply.


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