„I can really say only the best about the collaboration of our Association with Exoro Group. The collaboration started by chance but it was well-timed for us since in the Croatian Red Cross –Osijek City Association we were just starting to think about founding our own company with the aim of creating a better framework for managing our accommodation capacities. Exoro Group helped us to channel our idea by successfully developing a Sustainability study for us that we used as a starting point for founding the newly founded Center for Social Entrepreneurship Osijek LTD for tourism and catering that was registered in compliance with the Croatian Strategy for the Development of Social Entrepreneurship which means that our activities are based upon the principles of social, ecological and economic sustainability and that we invest the profit we make into the humanitarian programs of its founder aiming at benefitting the community. This shows that our collaboration with the very professional, competent, positive and patient team of Exoro Group experts can be defined as successful and of high quality.“ Marko Đukić, prof, Director,  Red Cross Osijek, www.crvenikrizosijek.hr

„We worked with this team on the development of our Strategic Development Plan for 2015 – 2020. My team and I were very satisfied with the quality of the service and the document delivered to us which is based upon a thorough analysis that includes the analysis of our investment potential, our assets as well as our human resources. That is why the measures proposed to us are aligned not only with our vision but also with our operational capacity which makes it highly implementable. This team knows how both the private and the public sector work. They adapt their tools to the specific needs of every community in a skillful and successful way, work participatively and through open and regular communication and workshops with the management as well as with the other citizens interested. I therefore reccommend them to everyone in need of a reliable partner to help them accelerate their local development.“ Ivica Musić, Mayor, Municipality of Lišane Ostrovičke, www.lisane-ostrovicke.hr

Our well-rounded approach and client care are the reason we have been awarded the AAA solvency excellence certificate - a testament of years of systematic and quality work that puts the recipients of this award at the very top of national economy, right beside the companies from the EU since the same rigorous and proven criteria apply.


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