If you have the intention to apply for EU funding or other funding sources with a project of yours, our team is there for you each step of the way:


  • Situation and potential analysis
  • Development ideas pipeline
  • Strategic goals, needs and projects
  • Available internal and external financing sources
  • Informative presentation for the Board/Management
  • Cooperation contract proposal
  • Presentation of strategic framework model, innovation and development processes proposal with action plan


  • (Pre)feasibility study, Investment study, Business plan
  • Matchmaking of projects with open calls or call announcements
  • Development of full application form with budget
  • Applying to the identified call
  • Quality check of existing applications

In this stage it is very important to build your team's capacity. That is why we have made all of our know – how available to you through our educational programs.


After the signing of the Grant agreement and throughout the implementation of the project we:

During this stage we:

  • coordinate your project team,
  • advise you,
  • carry out your public procurement procedures or give you our full support,
  • help you to ensure the visibility to your project according to the Commission's Guidelines,
  • help you to report to the Contracting Authority accurately and on time.

Our well-rounded approach and client care are the reason we have been awarded the AAA solvency excellence certificate - a testament of years of systematic and quality work that puts the recipients of this award at the very top of national economy, right beside the companies from the EU since the same rigorous and proven criteria apply.


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